Special Guest Speakers

April 10, 2016

We strive to make informative and relevant talks a regular part of the Elevate monthly meeting experience. Some of those speakers have included:

  • Zoltan Grossman, professor of geography studies at Evergreen and author of Unlikely Alliances, who spoke on building diverse alliances to achieve racial justice within communities.
  • Laura Porter from ACE Interface, who spoke on ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) risk factors, and their impacts on health, productivity, and civic engagement in Mason County, how these stresses in our lives can affect us even on the genetic level, and what we can do about it. Mason County has some of the highest rates of ACEs in the state.
  • Carmen Hoover, professor at Olympic Community College, who presented on how to spot “fake news” and have conversations with people of different opinions without letting misinformation and differing opinions stand in the way.